Relay for life

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By Kyleigh Jenkins

King George hosted their 9th annual relay for life event Saturday, May 17th. The King George High School drum line took part in the opening ceremonies, at noon. DJ Rick Fortner was the announcer of the events throughout the day.

Relay for Life is a fun-filled event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your American Cancer Society. During the event, teams of people gather at schools, fairgrounds, or parks and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

A reception for survivors was held at 12:30 p.m., and the luminaire ceremony at 9 p.m. In between, music was played by Rivertown Bandits, Olive Eyes, Southern Exposure, Made in the USA, Phillis Jones, James Curry, Incondite and Who Took Fred.

According to, King George has 404 participants and 38 teams in this year’s relay. On Monday morning, members had raised $53,894. At the top of the list of teams was Win 4 Wesley with $4,317, followed by The Willy Chodacs with $3,341, and NSWC Federal Credit Union with $3,133. Top participants are Wesley Berry with $3,967, Maggie McDaniel with $1,349 and Rachael Foster with $1,089.

The American- cancer society is the nationwide, community based, voluntary health organization helping fund research to eliminate cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer.

The motto for Relay for life is Celebrate, Remember, fight back.  Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer. The strength of survivors inspires others to continue to fight. Remember loved ones lost to the disease. Fight back is for the ones who have been touched by cancer and desperately want to put an end to the disease.


Kicking it Up in KG!

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By Phoenix Jackson

DECA held a Kick Ball tournament at Relay for Life in the softball field beside of the track. High school students are encouraged to make teams to help support breast cancer and raise money for American Cancer Society. Relay for life event was on Saturday, May, 17, with games beginning at 2pm.

Around 24 teams participated in this tournament.  Each team will have the maximum of 10 players. Each player must donate five dollars to play. All the players took the games seriously, each competing for first place.

The money donated by the kick ball teams will go to the American Cancer Society in honor of one of their King George middle school students, Tiara McDowney.

The games were about 30 minutes long. No time was wasted on the field; every team was dedicated and would hustle in field or out field to keep the games going. “It was a fun event, I would like to go next year and play on another team to support cancer,” said freshman Kyree Garrett.

Intensity of the games wasn’t just on the field but on the stands cheering. Teams participating in the kickball games also had a team for relay. Before and after the tournaments they would all take a few laps around the track.

Cancer is a serious sickness that shouldn’t be joked around with. All teams had at least one person who knew someone with or had cancer and were playing in honor of them.

Every team had a purpose of playing on Saturday, to show support of finding a cure for cancer, and kicking it out of their loved ones lives.


By: Jacob Brown

            The first year for freshmen in high school is coming to an end. Some have enjoyed it and others have not. There are some freshmen that have matured throughout the year and others are still the same. This year’s freshmen class consists of 300 plus students.

When school first started, most freshmen had a hard time finding their class. Most teachers helped students by pointing them in the right direction of their class. After the first month, most students didn’t have a problem finding their class.

Freshmen were introduced to flex this year. When school first started freshman were not allowed to attend a full flex schedule. They were on homeroom schedule, but after those first couple of weeks, the entire flex time was open to freshmen. Some students took advantage of it and others use it to meet with teachers to catch up in class.

“I enjoyed my first year of high school. I learned a lot.” Some students gave their teachers problems in class, but there were those who did not. “I liked some of my teachers, but not all of them,” said freshman Cortez Harvey.

Most students were worried if they would fit in or not. Some students fit in right away but for others it took a while. “I fitted in right away and this was also a great experience for my first year in high school,” said freshman Percy Rhoades.

Congratulations to all freshmen moving on to being a sophomore next year.


By Makenzie Ludwig

The stress of advanced placement classes is finally coming to an end. With the stress of taking the finals gone, it leaves room for fun. This fun is the AP Picnic that was held on Wednesday, May 21st. The picnic included kickball, frisbee, board games, and more.

The AP picnic is an event that lasted from the beginning of 1st block to the end of 4th block. The students went outside to the softball field to participate in the annual “kickball tournament.” Each class makes their own T-shirts to distinguish themselves from the other classes. Then each class brings a food or drink item and share them with everyone else.

Some students took more than one AP class and had multiple shirts to switch on and off. They even had to pick their favorite class to participate with. “I didn’t play in the tournament but if I did I would have a hard time picking teams,” said senior Nathaniel Pittman.

After each team finished their round of kickball they went over to the food table. This table contained chips and salsa, brownies, cookies, assorted fruits, cupcakes, BBQ chips and more. Also, two sophomore boys, Daniel Habron and Jarod Watson, helped cook hotdogs and hamburgers for all of the hungry students. “That grill was huge Mrs. Rasnake and I could figure out how to work it. Thank goodness those boys were there to help us,” said AP U.S history teacher Mrs. Wilkerson.

The Final game consisted of  two teams with the most wins and that was AP calc and AP english 12. The game was close but the AP english 12 took the title. “Winning was pretty great. We didn’t even practice once,” said senior Christen Jackson.

At the end of the day the students walked into the school to go sit in their 4th blocks. Some students had sunburned faces and dirty clothes from playing kickball. The original cloudy day with a chance of rain had turned into a perfect sunny day with a slight breeze. Perfect for concluding this annual picnic.


By: Kenzie Ludwig

This is exam week for all students taking advance placement classes. The countless hours of studying, doing homework, and taking notes is about to pay off. The exams started May 5th and will end May 16th. After the exams are over the students’ stress will be lifting.

“You should definitely spread out the Advanced Placement classes you take. Don’t load them up your senior year,” said senior Emilie Stevenson. She is taking A.P English 12 her senior year of high school. Students are encouraged to start taking A.P classes their junior year.

Taking these classes can have a major workload. “It can be easy to get a good grade, but it’s harder to remember the material,” said senior Jacob Perkins who is currently taking A.P calculus. It takes a toll on many students, but colleges are more likely to accept you if you have taken a few A.P classes.

“Taking an A.P class is worth it, regardless of how they do on the exam. They take all of their knowledge to college with them. However, if they take an A.P they prepared to put in some effort.

“It’s not just about memorizing the steps; you have to work to get a good grade,” said A.P Calculus teacher Stephanie Fox. Many students rush into applying for more A.P classes than they can handle, which could lead the student to feel overwhelmed.

Many students think that as soon as they take their exam they are done working in that class. However Fox says differently, “After all the A.P exams are finished I teach my students more math, because there’s always more math to learn,” said Fox. Many teachers continue to teach their students new information but they aren’t as tough after the exams.

One plus for taking an A.P class is that at the end of the year there is a kickball tournament that all the classes participate in. It’s an all-day event that includes food, drinks, games, and relaxation for everyone. Competition between classes to get the best kickball score and whoever wins gets the satisfaction of beating all of the other classes.


By Kaylee Aldredge

There are many different jobs that students want to pursue. The world is a big place and many people want to travel and see a lot. So what do the seniors and upcoming seniors expect to do?

“I want to live in California because I love being near the beach and hate the cold,” said senior Lauren O’Rourke. Growing up is a big step for most people and living on their own. Many parents have started on getting their kids ready for the future.

“I have my own jobs and make my own money, so I pay for most of the things I need,” said senior Dalton Shoopman. Parents that give their child responsibility to do things themselves get them ready for the future. Kids will need to learn how to spend their own money and using money of their own.

The way people expect the future can change in a couple years. “I don’t know what I want to do exactly when I get older, but I’m waiting until I’m sure and don’t regret my decision,” said senior Lena Easingwood. Some may choose their career too early and regret it later on and hate their job.

Everyone wants to be successful in what they do and make money. People want to consider how much they will be making in the jobs their doing. Life goes by really fast and some people don’t stop to enjoy it.

Preparation is a key to having a successful future. With parents preparing their kids, signing up for college or getting ready for the future in the way that is needed really can help.

“I may choose to go into the military, I’ve gone through everything that I need and just need to go to boot camp if I choose to do the military” said Easingwood. The end of senior year is just a couple weeks away. The future can be changed in a couple years but most people are aware of what they want to do.


By: Blake Clift


DECA ICDC is the premium and most honorable conference in the DECA world.  ICDC is a competition amongst the most experienced and best DECA competitors in the world. King George had many participants in DECA ICDC this year. King George had over thirty competitors. ICDC was held in Atlanta, Georgia this year, and was composed of over 17,000 DECA members and Advisors.

From King George there were three top ten finalists; Kelly Shea, Briana Scott, and Clara Brabo. “I am very happy for what we have accomplished and I believe we have made Mrs. Strauss very proud and have represented King George High School DECA as a whole by being called onto the stage,” said sophomore Kelly Shea

Mrs. Strauss, the King George DECA advisor stated ‘’I am so proud of the girl’s and their accomplishments, they have worked so hard for this and deserve every last bit of it, King George has a strong foundation in DECA and I believe as a DECA chapter we will begin making more impact every year in DECA.’’

DECA is growing significantly around the world as well as King George.  With over thirty members traveling to Atlanta this year from King George that is an all-time high for King George and Mrs. Strauss said she would like to make that a common occurrence.

For most members DECA has made a big impact on their lives, especially for Senior Corey Henderson who plans to further his DECA career in college and still attend and participate in these National level DECA conferences.

When asked what DECA has done for him he responded “DECA has made a huge impact on me and what I want to do in life. I would love to own my own business one day and further my knowledge and experience in Marketing and business operations. It will be a tough task to manage football and DECA in college but it will be something I know I can do. ‘’ DECA ICDC was a huge success for King George this year and should be for the following years.


Consider CTE Classes

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By: Madison Mading

            With the 2014-2015 school years upon us students are looking for classes to take.  Most students don’t want to fill their schedule with core classes. For this reason we have elective classes. There is a group of these electives that are called CTE Classes. There are over 31 CTE classes offered in this school. CTE, career and technical education, give you many benefits. First off you learn many new skills. For instance, if you take the Marketing Education program, consisting of eight different classes, you could join DECA, get a job, get a seal on your diploma and many more opportunities.

Almost all of the CTE classes have clubs that correspond with the programs. The agriculture education program has FFA, future farmers of America. The business and information technology education programs have FBLA, future business leaders of America. The marketing education programs have DECA, an association of marketing students to be a completer. The trade and industrial education classes have SkillsUSA. The NJROTC program and the teachers for tomorrow program are the only two CTE programs that do not have a club counterpart.

Each program has certain requirements that need to be met in order for you to receive the seal on your diploma that classifies you as a program completer. CTE completers are students who have met the requirements for a career and technical concentration or specialization and all requirements for high school graduation.  To receive the seal on your diploma you must receive a ‘B’ averages in the classes the entire program. For instance, to be a program completer in agriculture education you must complete a sequence of agricultural classes, those classes being, and horticulture science 8034, 8035, and 8036.


College and Beyond

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By: Breanna Lewis

Now that senior year is coming to a close, it’s time for everyone to take the next step in their future. Will students attend college, enroll into the military, or go straight to work?

“My plan is to go to Fairmont College in West Virginia to study architecture and criminal justice. I have a full ride scholarship there to play football. Once I’m done there, I plan to join the military,” said senior Jordan Estes.

Some students are going straight to work once they get out of high school. “First thing I graduate; I will be starting a new job as a secretary. It’s a very well-paying job considering I’m fresh out of high school. Maybe I will end up going to college but as of right now, I am very content with going straight to work. It will keep me busy and I’ll be making good money,” said senior Samantha Breeden.

There are also many seniors who are majoring in the medical field. “I will be attending Germanna Community College for two years until I transfer to Mary Washington. I am also applying for the nursing program next summer. I will become an RN and then go back to medical school to become an anesthesiologist,” said senior Jennifer Thompson.

“I’m going to Germanna for two years to major in psychology. After my two years, I will transfer to a four year college – which I haven’t decided on yet – but I will become a behavioral scientist,” said senior Austin Rhoades.

Senior RJ Miles will also be working when he gets straight out of college. “I will be working until I can pay for college. I am planning on attending ITT Tech for four years. I want to study mechanical drafting, but it will still take me a while to get all of the money to pay for college,” said Miles



By Blake Clift


The final six weeks have arrived for King George High School.  Spring Break has passed and summer is on its way. But what are you doing to keep focus in this all so important time.

The final six weeks of the school year consist of SOL’s and exams and the final report card. Most kids want to lose focus this late in the school year but this is actually the worst time to stop trying. Senior Samantha Fedak says “I have been waiting to graduate since fourth grade and now that it’s finally time for it I know I cannot mess it up by not trying for the last six weeks but it is so hard to keep focus with the near future having my last summer in King George and then I’m off to college.”

Many students that aren’t graduating are still having trouble with the fact that it is almost summer. Junior Drew Berry stated “I cannot wait for summer and for school to let out, I have been making myself study every night to keep focus because I know I must study for my remaining SOL’s that I have to take, I’m six weeks I will technically be a Senior but I know I have some work to finish before I can begin the summer months.”

Summer is on everyone’s mind and that final day is on everyone’s calendar. Senior Corey Henderson says “Summer could not come fast enough, I have had Senioritis all year now and it is at its strongest right now. I am playing football in college and have to attend my college in late June so I am more than ready for the school year to be over so that I can spend my last remaining time with family and friends, this is probably not the best way to think about school, but I am often staying after school with my teachers to focus on the last few weeks of school we have left.” Staying focused until the very end is key in High School and is good advice for underclassmen and upcoming students entering High School. This is the end and everyone needs to finish strong.




SOLs are important for all students because it determines if a student will graduate or not. The SOL determines whether they will be behind next year or on track with their class schedules.

Students who take studying seriously have a better chance of passing the SOL than the students who don’t. If you don’t pass an SOL you might not get the credit you need to graduate, so it is very important that you take it seriously.

All VA students will be taking their SOLs starting in late May. The first SOL students took was the writing SOL in March.  Students can find out about their upcoming SOLs by going to the KGHS homepage, click on the parents link, and then scroll all the way down to the provided link in the left hand column, and click on it to view the SOL testing calendar. The calendar tells you the date of the SOL and which class subject it is on.

Some students might use online resources to study such as Jefferson Lab, which is a website where you can practice taking tests. These tests include math2 to geometry. It also includes science tests that include Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science. You can choose how many questions you want to take. Some teachers offer extra credit for taking practice tests, which can make you more confident in taking a test. If you don’t take the time to study it may be very difficult to pass.

Percy Rhoades, freshman, who plans on studying for the SOL, said he will study 3 or 4 days a week for two hours.  He later said, “I’m going to use my notes and textbooks to study for my SOLs.”

There will be students who study very hard for this test and will most likely do well. Freshman, Cortez Harvey, plans on studying alone. “I don’t want to get distracted studying with someone else.” Harvey plans on studying very hard and seriously for his SOL.

Good luck to all students taking SOLs this semester!


Take It or Not?

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By Sky Garner

Students voiced their opinions about whether they should or shouldn’t have 2nd semester exams.

Last semester, due to snow days, gave students a choice to take our exams. Some students chose not to take exams because they thought their grades were fine.

Others thought that their grade was pretty bad, so they took the exam to bring up their grade. Should we have the choice to take exams again?

3 of 10 teachers said that a few students did take the exam.

“With all the snow days we had and how no school backed us up most of the teachers are a little behind with their work for the exams,” said Spanish teacher Mrs. Paterson.

“I think we should have a choice to take exams in SOL classes, but if the class isn’t a SOL classes then I think we shouldn’t have to take the exam,” said junior Cameron Rucker.

Some students agree with Cameron, such as sophomore Elena De La Rosa, “I think we shouldn’t have to take exams if we don’t want to because we didn’t have to for 1st semester,” said De La Rosa

Also some students disagree, “I think that it’s fair that we have exams because we have had enough time to learn the information this semester so I think we will be fine,” said junior Carley Johnson.


By Bre Lewis

The Class of 2014 is rapidly approaching their graduation. So to have one last shot of fun, the senior class will be traveling to Hershey Park, Pennsylvania on May 22nd.

A normal price for tickets is around $60, but the seniors only have to pay $45 for the entire trip whereas if they were to all drive themselves they’d have to pay for gas which would be about $50.

“I’m excited to go to Hershey Park! I’ve never been and being able to visit with many of my classmates will be fun,” said senior Sam Breeden. “From what I’ve heard, it’s a fun place and is so much better than Kings Dominion. But it’s something new since I go to Kings Dominion every summer.”

There are many different rides at Hershey Park. There are smaller roller coasters like the Mini Scrambler and Livery Stables for kids. Then there is the Wildcat and the Storm Runner which are aggressive thrill rides. There’s also many water roller coaster rides like the Coal Cracker and Coastline Plunge.

“I can’t wait to ride all these different roller coasters. I’ve gotten so used to the Intimidator and Dominator and the other rides at Kings Dominion,” said senior Kyleigh Snyder. “I’ve looked up all the rides and stuff there and it looks huge! I’m excited.”

Hershey Park has everything between full-service restaurants to carts with sweet treats. At Hershey Park Place, you have to get your hand stamped when you exit the park. Then you just take a few steps and you’re in the air-conditioned restaurant. Once you’re done, you can head back to the park!


By: Phoenix Jackson

My last school in Washington was much different than my first year here in King George. Schools setup, class schedule, teaching, and making friends were a big change than what I was used to and it was hard to adapt to the new surroundings.

Moving from Washington to Virginia was an experience I wasn’t ready for. My family always said, “Phoenix, you’ll love Virginia; it can offer a lot for you.” Leaving everything I knew, friends and family, was something I never wanted to do. But looking back now I’m proud to say I could overcome something I wasn’t ready for.

Entering the doors to my new school was breath taking. It had larger hallways and less people then my school before. The schools setup was strange all I knew was the classes I found from orientation.

Not knowing where both semester classes were made the class schedules easier. I only had four classes a semester. In Washington we had three different classes every other day that would give us an extra day to finish homework or projects. But some teachers here are lenient for having to turn in homework; they might give us all week to finish something which is nice if you have a busy schedule after school.

Adapting to first semester classes was difficult at first. The way the teachers taught everyone was unusual. They would go through PowerPoint’s and we would copy notes. In junior high back in Washington I got work and handouts to do which helped me learn and understand the lesson better.

The hardest thing about being a new student and a freshman in high school was finding and making good friends. It was almost two weeks into school was when I met my friend Cindy Jeffers in homeroom. After a while I became more comfortable with the schools surroundings and made more friends throughout the year.

The sports here are no different than ones in Washington. Seasons and rules of the games are very similar. This made it easier to connect with others because I understood the games.

Although I wasn’t prepared for a change of school and had a difficult start, towards the end of the year I’m glad I came. Overcoming obstacles made the year better than what I expected it to be. King George High School is a great school for learning and transferring into a new environment.


By: Madison Mading


             With 19 days before the senior awards assembly, 18 days before the senior trip, 32 days before graduation practice and 34 days before the seniors will walk across the stage at graduation this school is in full preparation mode getting ready for the busy month ahead for seniors.

Teachers will prepare goodbyes, speakers will practice their speeches, class schedules will be adapted for the underclassman, and seniors will push themselves to insure that they will be among their peers walking, getting their diploma, and shaking Mr. Conway’s hand.

Each student is receiving ten tickets; half of those guests will be sitting in the gym while the other sits in the auditorium and watch the ceremony from a live stream. At the beginning of the ceremony the students will walk on the stage of the auditorium and continue into the gymnasium for the remainder of the ceremony.

The teacher that is in charge of making sure everything for graduation is in order is Dual Enrollment teacher Mrs. Dunn. This English teacher has been discussing details of this event all year.

“It is a benefit getting to hear how the senior class feels about their graduation. I like being in touch with the students are finding out what their concerns and wants are.” said Dunn.

Mr. Ward and his students are in charge of putting together the stage. “We will begin setting up the stage the week of graduation.

The stage will be ready for the ceremony on the seventh.” said building trades teacher Mr. Ward. Another teacher in the school is stepping up and lending his class is Mr. Wolowicz.

His class will be responsible for the live stream that will allow the guests in the auditorium and at home view the graduation. This live stream will allow family members and friends that are not able to attend the graduation to watch the event.


By Jaylen Brinson

A new brand of young celebrities is on the rise due to the increased popularity of the vine app. It is a quest for six seconds of fame.

According to Wikipedia, Vine is a mobile app owned by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short looping video clips; in fact, vine has over 40 million users on the app.

A new brand of young celebrities is on the rise due to the increased popularity of the vine app. It is a quest for six seconds of fame.

The twitter app is creating a new generation of celebrities that companies and brands are getting attracted too. According to Ad Age, some companies are paying anywhere between $4,000 and $5,000 for a six-second piece of content.

I believe that the famous viners should not get paid for creating certain famous vines; however, brands and companies should be able to sponsor the verified accounts. If people are able to be sponsored, then they could get famous by going on talk shows, or earning a television or movie role.

Vine could just be the start of what could potentially be a more productive career in the acting field in the future.  It is getting easier and quicker to gain fame because of all the new social media applications.

This could also create more jobs for young people. In fact, vining could be considered to be a fast money occupation because it is a way to get money without receiving a college degree.

Whether or not vining could be a successful job in the future can’t be determined right now, but it’s something for our generation to consider, because one famous vine could grab companies and brands attention and begin the road to success and fame.


By Kyleigh Jenkins

Why are home economics not an option to take as a class anymore? Student should learn how to cook, clean, and take care of things all on their own, and a home- economics class is where they could learn how these skills needed later on in life.

Home economics refers to a field of study that deals with the management and economics of the home and community. This word can also be referred to as the theory and practice or art of homemaking.

“Schools should still offer home-economics because of the life skills it teaches, that some would otherwise have to learn on their own,” said sophomore, English Gainley. Gainley also used the point that students never help out around the house and they will never learn how to be responsible adults.

Some parents do everything around the house by themselves and never teach their kids how to do laundry, dishes, cook, clean, or food preservation. A class would show the students how to care for their homes later on in life.

Offering a home economics class would be beneficial because when high school students leave to go to college their parents aren’t there to help them do common necessities. In college students will have to do their own laundry, and manage their own money.

“Money management is the hardest thing I have learned during my first year of college,” said college freshman Stacy Neel. Neel also stated that her parents always did everything for her and that she didn’t have a job to help her with money management. Towards the end of her freshman year Neel didn’t have much money left in her bank account. Neel said that if a home- economics class was offered she most likely would have taken it to learn bacis lifelong needed skills.

Some individuals think that we shouldn’t need home economics because in order to graduate students need to take economics and personal finance, and they think that would be like taking the same class twice.


Clubs; why do them

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By Logan Kraisser


KGHS has a club for almost everyone’s interest in flex.  There are many clubs including chess, drama, band, chorus, NJROTC, yearbook and DECA.  Students can even make their own club if they have a teacher sponsor.

Doing clubs looks good on resumes and it helps you learn more about the topic.  There are many people who like the same things so it’s easy to make friends.  It also gives you something to do if you are bored.  If you join a sports team it can help with health and keep you fit.

There are clubs for almost everything like German, Spanish, and French clubs.

Sarah Galan, a junior, from the art club said, “It’s a fun club and you should do it if you love art like me.”  They make art for money for the club to get new items and they made decorations for prom.  If you like art or just want to draw join this club.

Brooke Sylver, a junior, from student in drama club said, “Drama is the best club you could join because you get to do random things.”  People get to act or only work on the props for the acting people.  If you want to act or sing you should join this club.

Jesse Bibel, a senior, from chess club said, “You do chess and can talk about anything.”  If you like chess or just want to talk while doing something this club is good for you.

If you are looking for things to do during flex, you should sign up for a club.


Baseball Games Summary

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Eastern View vs King George 4/2/14

Lane Ward pitched while Hunter Tolliver was catcher, Corey Henderson played first, and Jordi Estes played center field. During the second inning, Jay Buckner and Hunter Tolliver got the first two runs in while Eastern View didn’t get any runs up until the fourth inning. At the top of the sixth, Eastern View hit the ball into center field but it was caught by Estes. By the seventh inning, Eastern View tied it up, 4-4. Corey won us the game with one last run in making the score 5-4. Blake Clift was out of this game due to an arm injury. “We knew it would be a close game,” said senior, Jordi Estes, “Eastern View is a pretty good team, so we had to bring our all.”


James Monroe vs King George 4/4/14

Lane Ward started out pitching this game in the top of the first. Jordi Estes got the first run in, starting the game off on the right foot. By the second inning, Hunter Tolliver pitched a no hitter. At the bottom of the second, King George got four more runs in. The game was ended after the fifth inning for slaughter rule. King George won the game 15-0. “We definitely started our game off the right way by getting runs in one right after the other. JM started sneaking up on us by catching our hits during the last two innings but we pulled it off,” said senior Lane Ward.


Faquier vs King George 4/12/14

“I really thought we would have pulled it together in the end but we’ll make it up in the next few games,” said senior Jordi Estes. Drew Barry pitched the first six innings and Lane Ward pitched the seventh inning. In the first inning, Cody Bell was our first runner on base. During the third inning, Estes and Bell got the first two outs while Michael Hundley got to third base when Jay Buckner got the third out. By the time the fifth inning came around, the score was 0 – 5 until Estes got the first run in for the Foxes. By the seventh inning, the score was 1 – 6.


By Kaylee Aldredge

The trip for the seniors this year is to Hershey Park. Many people are excited because it is out of state and others wish it was somewhere different.

“I’m glad it isn’t in Virginia and its somewhere I haven’t been before,” said senior Amber Deegan. Many seniors want to go somewhere that hasn’t been visited before. The cost of the trip plays a major role as well.

The cost for the trip to Hershey Park is $45. “I would have debated if I wanted to go if it was more expensive,” said senior Dalton Shoopman. A lot of seniors have a job and need to pay for things themselves, so the cost determines if they should go or not.

There are twelve major roller coaster rides and fifteen water rides. There are also 37 family rides and 27 rides for kids. There is a VIP experience for anyone who wants to pay extra to skip lines and ride a certain amount of rides first.

“I’ve never been to Hershey Park, so I’m pretty excited to go,” said Deegan. Hershey Park is a very large amusement park and has many ride options. There is also a water park and many different restaurants and chocolate stores.

There are about 55 different places at Hershey Park to eat food. People are able to have “character dining” which means that a full sized character will dine with a family. Full service dining comes with an air conditioned building with appetizers, salads, meals, and deserts.

The height of each person can be determined by what ride best fits them. There is six groups by height which is; Jolly Rancher, Twizzler, Hershey, Reeses, Hershey Kisses, and Miniatures. Hershey Park also has a board walk.

If needed there are overnight hotels to stay in, such as The Hotel Hershey, Hershey Lodge, and Hershey Park Camping Lodge. Hershey Park holds concerts and many other great deals. For the price and place for the senior trip, the seniors will be pleased with their trip this year.


By Madison Mading

SkillsUSA is preparing for their student run car and craft show that will be held at the High School on Saturday, May 10. The SkillsUSA club is dedicated to preparing students for their futures and providing a service to the community. This schools chapter is no different. They spend many hours preparing for competitions and providing both a service to the community and the school. While this is one of the smaller clubs in the school, it is highly dedicated to working efficiently and making sure that things get done.

Over the past years this chapter has given meals to people in the community during the holiday, setup for community events, and hosted a craft/car show that allows the community to showcase what they have to offer. This year the car and craft show will be on May 10. It will be located in the front (teachers) parking lot at the high school. This will be an outdoor event, and all spectators and participants will need to bring umbrellas in case it decides to rain. The inside of the school will be open to the public only for use of the bathrooms.

There are only three weeks left until this event and the students are working very hard to pull everything together. Students have been preparing for this one event all year. “The club is excited for this event; while we don’t have many participants, now we will get there before the big day,” said vice president senior Trey Thompson. He later told me that last year’s event went the same way, but when it came down to show day, the event went seamlessly.


The Menu has Changed

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By Makenzie Ludwig

For the past few weeks the cafeteria has placed a box in the lunch line for lunch suggestions. These boxes allowed students to write down their ideas for changes and new add-ons to the lunch menu. These include new asian cherry chicken, turkey calzones and fish on every Friday this month for lent. However, many people don’t notice these major changes.

“I didn’t realize the lunch menu has changed. I avoid the fish on Fridays, but I usually eat the meals they serve at lunch instead of eating pizza every day,” said senior Mekayla Thompson. Many people haven’t realized the lunch menu has changed.

A lot of people go towards the pizza line unless they serve a crowd favorite. These crowd favorites include corn dog nuggets, bosco sticks, and chicken patty. The crowd favorites are defined by the crowd waiting for them and the shortening of the line waiting for pizza.

“I have gotten salad for the past week, and because of this I haven’t noticed a change in the lunch menu,” said senior Darren Croft. Some students don’t always go for the meals that they serve, and they get salad instead.

Not many students have noticed a change in the lunch menu or the suggestion box beside the cafeteria ladies. Many students are focused on buying lunch and getting out of the line to go and talk to their friends or eat their food before it gets cold. Many students also don’t have paper ready to suggest new ideas and don’t think about it after they leave. “I had no idea that there was a suggestion box,” said senior Mark Bostjanick.

The suggestion box is going to remain there for the remainder of the year. The lunch ladies are still looking for add-ons to the lunch menu so any interesting ideas are needed.


By Anthony Howard

The 25% percent increase to minimum wage could go in effect late 2014 for the entire US. KGHS students add their input on how the minimum wage increase could affect them and the economy.

Recently the government is debating on whether to raise minimum wage for workers in the U.S. King George students that do work want this opportunity; for instance, Chad Richter, who works at the Dahlgren Burger King, Lena Easingwood, who works at the Dahlgren Arby’s, and Cody Bell who works at the King George Subway, all want to experience the minimum wage increase.

All three were aware that the minimum wage increase might go into effect. They also knew what this meant for their jobs if were to be increased and it would be better money but fewer hours on the job. According to the Free Lance Star, the government’s plan will lead to workers being laid off by their companies to leave for the more experienced.

“I think it should be increased. Just like everything in government, there are negative sides and kinks but within time it will have a positive impact,” said Easingwood. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages in whether or not minimum wage should be increased, however, there are more pros than cons.

“I think they should still increase the minimum wage because it could possibly be a way to help the economy. By giving more people money means that they will go out and shop and spend their money which helps spread out money across America which could make sense; I wouldn’t be surprised if this was what would be debated in Capitol Hill right now,” said Bell. In order to aid the economy the raise in minimum wage would work in a cycle, by giving workers money to buy products that they need.

The focus on minimum wage is not over yet, while congress and other Americans debate on its effect on the economy. This is even bigger now than it has been; According to CNN, President Barack Obama has just recently signed a bill to increase overtime pay to $10.10. With this in effect, even more people argue for or against minimum wage being approved in the U.S.


By Phoenix Jackson

In the second overtime, the win was made by the girls’ varsity soccer; the girls played at Eastern View on Wednesday, April 14, 2014.

The first goal was made by the home team within the first fourteen minutes. The goal didn’t bother the foxes; they reset and were ready to play again. Foxes played strong and were aggressive getting onto the ball.

Girls varsity had good runs with the ball taking it down the field, but was pressured making the ball go out and having the opposite team throw-in the ball. The standing score of the first half was 1-0 Eastern View.

The beginning of second half, senior, Gabrielle Caron, had a shot on goal and made it in under the cross bar. Fans visiting and the junior varsity team stood up in excitement of tying the game.

With nine minutes left of second half Eastern View had managed to pass defenders and was one-on-one with the senior goalie, Brieanna Bancroft. Bancroft dove for the ball pushing the ball out and giving time to the defenders to get the ball back.

At the end of second half, the score was 1-1 having to go into overtime. Resetting the clock with five minutes the ball had made it down both sides of the field attempting to score. After the clock ran out and additional five minutes were added.

Only two minutes and thirty seconds remaining, junior, Christina Jones had made a game winning goal. Jones had said she was shocked that she made the goal for the team.

Freshman on junior varsity, Cindy Jeffers said “I was excited and thrilled for the win of the varsity team.” The girls varsity soccer had left Eastern View with the score 2-1 King George.


By Anthony Howard

King George High School student music artist Devon Cook on the verge of taking the spotlight; his song was recently played on a radio station in Florida.

Eighteen year old senior, Devon Cook aka 2 R3AL is a hip-hop/rap music artist and raps with a group F.O.S. which stands for Freedom of Speech. Devon knew he wanted to make hip-hop/rap music when he was nine years old; continuing his passion for music he recorded his first song at the age of fifteen. Devon is inspired by old school artists Tupac, Biggie, and Nas. Curious about where he had come up with or got the name 2 R3AL Devon said, “From my older brother, how I’m always telling the truth on real subjects.” Devon also likes to rap about real subjects, try to stand out, be himself, and someone that people can relate to when listening to his music.

“It takes more than what you think.” Referring to writing, it’s not easy; Devon has shown where hard work has got him. On the Mondays of the last two weeks, Devon was able to be heard on the online radio,, playing his recent song “The Game Keeps Calling Me.” “It’s a big opportunity, I like to thank God for it,” said Cook.

Devon is also in the process of making music videos too for two of his songs. Being on camera recording takes a lot, “It’s a thought process; a lot of thinking, ideas coming from the writer and producer even remembering what to do, say, and write the script. You have to have that chemistry between you and the producer to make a product just like in the studio.”

When it comes to criticism 2 R3AL takes it to a certain point where it won’t change him as a rapper, trying to be himself. When his music is ready to listen to, 2 R3AL wants to get feedback from his closest friends before he publically releases it.

2 R3AL also makes songs with other artists outside of King George to be featured on songs. When he teamed up with Khalil Conway to make a song that got everyone’s attention, 2 R3AL called this “a power move for marketing;” he picks certain artists to be on songs so that he can get the most feedback from the public.

His plan after high school is to attend a college with music production and pursue his rap career. With his confidence boosted after filming the two music videos, Devon is in the process of writing more songs. In the future, Devon would like to see himself as a millionaire at the age of twenty-six and even have his own recording label like artists Dr. Dre and Jay-Z.